The pink-coloured, hazy filters give it a sun soaked feel, as if the bright weather is adding to the heightened tension between the two leads.
— Monica Jowett's review in UKfilmreview

Said and Franco are reckless pharmacy store robbers. They drive from city to city, selling stolen medicines from the trunk of their car. What starts as a normal day for them, turns into a nightmare as the sun sets. Enter the kinetic lives of two hoodlums.

Alexander Nima (SAID) & Nicolas Dillen (FRANCO)

Written, Directed, Shot & Cut│Freddy Lond - Original Music│Heldur Maripuu -Cinematography │Daan Marissens & Freddy Lond - Executive Produced│Veronika Lond & Carl Verstraeten


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  • Highway 61 Film Festival

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Short of the Month Nominations 2014:

  • Best Director

  • Best Composer

  • Best Editor

Zed Fest Awards 2014:

  • Outstanding Crime Short Foreign Film

  • Outstanding Screen Story

  • Outstanding Acting Performance