MARWAN MOROWA does the business side of Londfilms. He is Lebanese and raised by a family of diamond traders. He has an eye for aesthetics and screenwriting. His motto in life is “say less than necessary”, making him a straight forward person ready to seal the deal. He met Freddy in film school where they immediately bonded. Freddy even developed one of his characters based on the personality of Marwan. Yes, Marwan is that charismatic. He takes on the role of associate producer for the upcoming Medicine Men The Series.

NICOLAS DILLEN, half Belgian/Honduran, is excited to return to play “Franco” in Medicine Men The Series. When not playing a brash, two-faced crook, Nicolas can be found acting at the Flanders Acting Studio in Brussels. In addition to the stage, you might have seen him in the feature film Vincent (2016) or the TV series De Infiltrant (2018). Freddy found his muse in Nicolas. Since they met, there hasn’t been a single project where Nicolas hasn’t acted in. Nicolas’ passion for screenwriting developed when working on scripts with his partners in crime Freddy and Marwan. Furthermore, he completed a master’s degree in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp.